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FOCUS: CMU School of Design Senior Exhibition

co-organized by the CMU School of Design

Dec. 3 – 11, 2016

Dec. 9, Fri. 6-8pm: Reception
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Participants: Ji Young Ahn, Zainab Aliyu, Leah Anton, Kate Apostolou, Rachel Chang, Lea Cody, Kaleb Crawford, Justin Finkenaur, Linna Griffin, Ruby He, Rae Headrick, Jeff Houng, Eileen Huang, Vicky Hwang, Jackie Kang, Jonathan Kim, Brandon Kirkley, Daniel Kison, Alisa Le, Zac Mau, Gabriel Mitchell, Jillian Nelson, Courtney Pozzi, Vivian Qiu, Temple Rea, Hannah Salinas, Diana Sun, Praewa Suntiasvaraporn, Albert Topdjian, Kaitlin Wilkinson, Julia Wong, Brian Yang, Lauren Zemering, Catherine Zheng

About the exhibition

Join the CMU Design Seniors as they celebrate their accomplishments and share their most recent projects! The work featured in the show offers insight into the culmination of four years of study, pushing the boundaries of medium and method in the field of design.

"Amidst the freshman year excitement of becoming designers, our class often gravitated towards social activity rather than schoolwork. As a reminder to stay focused on our work instead of distracting each other, we came up with 'Friends Only Cause Ugly Sketches,' a tongue-in-cheek motto that has helped us stay grounded.

However, as we progressed through the four years of our education, we all naturally began to refine our concentrations and iterate on what we each believe design to be. We were all able to individually develop a personal design focus, without losing sight of what ties us together as a whole.

This exhibition is a collection of our talents, interests, and values – our focus in design. Through this exhibition we hope to demonstrate not only our work and accomplishments, but also highlight the personal moments we’ve shared with each other, and how they have shaped our communal experience here at the School of Design." - CMU School of Design 2017 Seniors