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sCMU School of Design Senior Exhibition


Mind the Matter: CMU School of Design Senior Exhibition

co-organized by the CMU School of Design

Dec. 5 - 13, 2015

Featuring: Ben Boesel, Miriam Buchwald, Kristen Chon, Mackenie Dunn, Joshua Eiten, Sam Gao, Lauren Goldstein, Stowe Hammarberg, Gene Hua, Gina Huang, Stephanie Jeong, Irene Joung, Daniel Hyo Kim, Mina Kim, Yoon-ji Kim, Yooyoung Ko, Robyn Lambert, Julia Larrabee, Celina Liao, Lucy Mou, Solomon Ng, Lizzy Nolin, Danae Paparis, Sophie Parrinello, David Power, Zach Schwemler, Ismael Sobek, Jessica Shen, Linny Tan, Sophie Vennix, Andro Zuzul

Dec. 11, Fri. 6-8pm: Reception
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Join the CMU Design Seniors as they celebrate their accomplishments and share their most recent projects! The work featured in the show offers insight into the culmination of four years of study, pushing the boundaries of medium and method in the field of design.

About the exhibition

Throughout our time at the School of Design, our class has embraced design as an endeavor to improve the way people connect, live, work, and play. We welcome you to Mind the Matter, our exhibition showcasing the myriad of ways we as a class have put this mindset into action and creation. Mind the Matter is a statement of purpose for our class. Mind references what truly matters to us: positively impacting people, uncovering and communicating challenges, and reflecting on perspectives we take for granted. Matter refers to the intent, materiality, and the process of making behind each work. Designing responsibly requires us to be mindful of underlying motivations and circumstances surrounding our work. It asks us to consider the thought processes we use, the materials we choose, and most importantly, the impact our design has in people’s lives. Each piece here was conceived, designed and crafted by students in the School of Design’s class of 2016. This is how we Mind the Matter.

-CMU School of Design Senior Class 2016