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Miller Gallery
at Carnegie Mellon University
Purnell Center for the Arts
5000 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Tues.-Sun., 12-6pm
Closed Mondays

Free and open to the public

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Past Exhibition

MEGA Senior Art 2011 installation photo
MEGA Senior Art 2011
installation photo

MEGA Senior Art 2011 installation photo
MEGA Senior Art 2011 installation photo
MEGA Senior Art 2011 installation photo
MEGA Senior Art 2011 installation photo
MEGA Senior Art 2011 installation photo







Carnegie Mellon 2011 Senior Art Exhibition

Organized by the School of Art
Apr. 29 - May 14, 2011

About the Exhibition

"Carnegie Mellon has no house style, and the work produced by this year’s graduating class reflects the variety of interests and particular talents of each individual in the program. The 2011 Senior Exhibition includes work that is weird, glamorous, poetic, delicate, provocative, cryptic, outrageous, beautiful, ingenious, contemplative and more. Always searching and exploratory, their final exhibition is the culminating expression of their time at Carnegie Mellon, as they strive for greater achievement. As well as developing their own work, they have built a set of artistic relationships, which will sustain them well into the future. They have sought to identify their similarities and broader concerns through a playful acronym – M.E.G.A.

I remember their faces on the first day of student orientation: hopeful, expectant, slightly nervous, but excited and keen. I look at them now and they are confident, savvy and ambitious. These students have excelled as individuals and as a class, meeting the challenges of a rigorous fine art education, and exponentially developing their talents. They have built a strong esprit de corps, not just artistically around ideas and aesthetic concerns, but personally around hard work, mutual respect and support for each other.

Sadly, one of the group, and a promising young artist, Jee Hoon Choi died in a tragic car accident, just a few weeks before he was due to graduate. Jee was a popular presence in the school, with his positive, lively, good natured and good humored spirit. He epitomized his peer group: using his time at college to the full, searching, striving, working hard, seeking new knowledge, developing his skills and thinking about how his art might make a worthwhile difference in the world. We will all miss him terribly, but we will remember him fondly and take strength and inspiration from his example.

I would like to thank this senior class for their magnificent, exceptional, gobsmacking art - and I wish them all a mighty, glorious, extraordinarily awesome future."

- John Carson,
Head of the School of Art + Regina and Marlin Miller Professor,
Carnegie Mellon University

About the Artists

  Multicultural Environmental Guerrilla Abomination


Zahra Ahmed

  Meticulous Engrossing Graphic Aesthetic


Amanda Bowers

  Meditation Elusive Gentle Antiquated


Keilah Boyles

  Maverick Explosive Glittering Apocalypse


Casey Brander

  Mustache Exotic Geeky Atomic


Boris Brenman

  Meta Etc. Genuine Atomic


M. Callen

  Mystical Electric Glittering Aesthetic


Elyse Carr

  Mystical Electric Grunt Apocalypse


Jee Choi

  Magical Elusive Grilled Adjective


Sibel Ergener

  Make-believe Excessive Geometric Aesthetic


Rebecca Feeney

  Multicultural Elusive Glittering Atomic


Sarah Habib

  Misbehaving Excessive Giraffe Automatic


Jennifer Hwang

  Magical Earnest Geeky Adventurous


Jessica Jackson

  Magical Employed Geeky Abomination


Susan Lin

  Meta Elusive Grilled Abstract


Dana Lok

  Magnetic Electric Gold Aesthetic


Lara Mann

  Multicultural Employed Guerilla Agent


Haydee Naula

  Mystical Explosive Geeky Antique


Laura Paoletti

  My Excessive Glittering Addiction


Heejin Park

  Moving Engrossing Genuine Aesthetic


Su Min Park

  Meticulous Elusive Geometric Addictive


Emily Raffensperger

  Magnetic Explosive Geeky Atomic


Rebecca Reed

  Make-believe Elusive Gentle Aesthetic


Isabelle Richardson

  My Environmental Got Artificial


Alexis Rideau

  Mystical Elusive Grotesque Ambiguous


Katherine Roettges

  My Electric Giraffe Apple


Anya Rosen

  My Etc. Gold Aesthetic


Michael Royce

  My Explosive Gentle Abomination


Zena Ruiz

  Meticulous Elusive Gentle Apple


Gaby Schmulevich

  Meditation Etc. Genuine Apocalypse


Sara Schoenberger

  Massive Erotic Grotesque Anus


Lizzee Solomon

  Meta Etc. Geometric Aesthetic


Kristen Staab

  Meticulous Engrossing Geometric Apocalypse


Heather Stanco

  Misbehaving Edgy Guerrilla Agent


Peter Stanick

  Malleable Exotic Grotesque Adorable


Ah Young Sun

  Meticulous Excessive Gutsy Abomination


Maria Tartaglia

  Malleable Effects Grotesque Abomination


Zachary Wallnau

  Multicultural Evolution Graphic Apocalypse


Adrienne Wilson

  Meticulous Excessive Grunt Aesthetic


Norman Wright

  Make-believe Emote Gutsy Amusing


Vicky Yuh


Apr. 29, Fri.
Opening Reception