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Past Exhibition




Environmental Collaboration in Contemporary Art

Oct. 14–Dec. 14, 2005

Artists & Collectives: 3 Rivers 2nd Nature team, Ala Plastica, Navjot Altaf, Christine Brill & Jon Kline, Jackie Brookner, Stephanie Flom, Helen Mayer, Harrison & Newton Harrison, Walter Hood & Alma Dusolier, Huit Facettes Abdoulaye Ndoye, Ichi Ikeda, Constance & Tom Merriman, A. Laurie Palmer, Park Fiction, Platform, Ann Rosenthal, Susan Steinman & Suzanne Lacy, WochenKlausur

New Media Component: Agricola De Cologne, Fernando Garcia-Dory, Processing, Christina McPhee, Amy Franceschini/Free Soil, Lillian Ball, Christina Ulke, Marc Herbst, Aviva Rahmani

About the Exhibition

The exhibition, catalogue and associated conference seek to address questions of policy, efficacy and impact when artists work within a social, ecological and political context. The exhibition presented artworks that are, in effect, case studies in social, ecological change. This will be interpreted in terms of new ideas in dialogic aesthetics, as well as in terms of impact and efficacy at a local level.

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October 14, Fri. 6–8 PM:
Opening Reception

October 14 & 15:
Groundworks artist symposium

The keynote speaker will be Tom Finkelpearl, with curator Grant Kester delivering closing remarks. Additional speakers will include Jackie Brookner, Alma DuSolier, Stephanie Flom, Ground Zero, Helen and Newton Harrison, Walter Hood, Ichi Ikeda, Suzanne Lacy, Connie and Tom Merriman, Park Fiction, Ann Rosenthal, Susan Steinman, and 3 Rivers 2 Nature.

The symposium is free and open to the public.