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From The Vault exhibition poster


Carnegie Mellon 2009 BFA Senior Exhibition

May 1 - 17, 2009

About the Exhibition

[uh-bout] the1 [ek-suh-bish-uhn]

Hidden away for the past four years in the College of Fine Arts, “FROM THE VAULT” presents the artworks of Carnegie Mellon University’s finest degenerate delinquents, rebels with a cause, spiritual enthusiasts, and practical dreamers. The most creative criminals in the book, we present to you the class of 2009: *panpsychists, selcouthists, paralogists, and strikhedonists.* Painting, sculpture, electronic media, print, and performance – the students of the School of Art have carved new paths and wayward routes in the ever-changing realms of the visual. Today we release Carnegie Mellon’s best-kept secrets from the vault.

- Michelle Lee (BFA 2009)

About the Artists

Panpsychist [pan-*sahy*-kizt] n. One who espouses that all matter has some from of consciousness, soul; one who views the whole universe as an organism that possesses a mind:
Rachel Baldwin, Elizabeth Barsotti, Carolyn Clayton, Zoe Goehring, Sukriti Grover, Lauren Hecht, Lindsay Merrill, Audrey Moyer, Emily Prengaman, R.J. Tripodi, Brittanie Wine, David Wright, Guangyuan (Eve) Shan

Paralogist [p*uh*-*ral*-*uh*-jizt] n. One who makes illogical deductions; one who views rational, logical conclusions as potentially limiting, frivolous: Brenda Battad, Christin Chang, Jane Chu, Melissa Dolin, Jennifer Kennedy, Spencer Kraus, David Lasky, Michelle Lee, Ariane Simon, Jennifer Wig

Selcouthist [sel-kooth-izt] n. One who faces the strange and unfamiliar with a boundless sense of wonder, amazement:
Laurel Bancroft, Joanna Bresee, Olga Brindar, Magali Duzant, Katherine Hallberg, Stefanie Kim, Emily Lee, Janet Lee, Jung Min Lee, Jessica Moss, Samantha Simmons, Vivian Song, Patrick Torrez

Strikhedonist [strik-*heed*-un-izt] n. One who acts in complete non-conformity to social norms; one whose worldview is firmly rooted in the freedom of being able to say, "to hell with it!":
Terry Boyd, Young Hee Byun, Mollie Echeverria, Ho-Jung Kim, Elizabeth Liu, Rachel Maran, Thomas Mcconnell, Luther Patenge, Taylor Shields, Lauren Silverman, Rexy Tseng, Michael Weithers, Dawn Weleski


May 1, Fri.