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Miller Gallery
at Carnegie Mellon University
Purnell Center for the Arts
5000 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Tues.-Sun., 12-6pm
Closed Mondays

Free and open to the public

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Past Exhibition


Carnegie Mellon 2006 BFA Senior Exhibition

May 2 - 18, 2006


May 2, Fri. 6-8pm:

About the Exhibition

ARTSCOOL is the moniker chosen for this exhibit by our seniors, perhaps relishing the triple dimension of the word play. Most functionally, it is the name of the School of Art’s server. Most literally, it names the environment in which their investigations have germinated, sprouted and flowered over the seasons of the last four years. More imaginatively, it stakes a claim in the appeal of art, for as many reasons as the works on view.

COOL can be as trendy and whimsical as fashion or as sophisticated and complex as a shifting paradigm. These works are COOL in their surprising variety, their experimental urges, awesome epiphanies, perfected gestures, sensitive interventions, ambitious attempts and stimulating resolutions — COOL in how they wildly or subtly mesmerize, and COOL in how they transport us to another realm, a new way of thinking or seeing. These artists are most COOL (and paradoxically HOT) in the questions they have asked of themselves and each other and the creative responses they offer to us now and into the future. ART IS COOL. SO IS SCHOOL. SO WAS SCHOOL. ARTSCOOL.

Susanne Slavick
Regina Gouger Miller and Marlin Miller, Jr. Professor
Head of the School of Art


Alexandra Reifler Alessi
Nikolai Antonie,
Kohta Asakura
Stephanie Armbruster
Yerina Cha
Eunice Choi
Bruce N. Colwell II
Chloe A. Connelly
Sarah Crosskey
Krystle DeMauro
Nkechi Ebubedike
Wendy Edwards
James Buckley Galloway
Sarika Malik Goulatia
Taylor Grabowsky
Jessica Greenfield
Carrie Hamilton
Lauren Heller
Sarah Hofmann
Y. Vivian Huang
Brenna Ivanhoe
Lisa Kaplan
Max Kaufmann

Jennie Keinard
YeaHyun Sarah Kim
Marina Kliger
Sarah L. Koljonen
Joel Kraut
Elizabeth Kupin
Samantha Laffey
Bum Lee
Francisca Lee
Carl Li
Maria Mangano
Susan Park
Jessie Peterson
Yan Qin
Benjamin Rosenthal
Annalisa Schaefer
Ady Schneider
Miki Shintani
Vanessa Shyu
Jennifer Sunshine
Allison Theus
Judy Eva Tsai
Jessica Vaughn
Charlie Wright