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Carnegie Mellon 2018 School of Architecture thesis exhibition
Organized by the School of Architecture
April 19 - 25, 2018

April 20, 6-8pm: Reception RSVP on Facebook
April 20, 12-6pm + April 21, 12-3pm: BArch Thesis/IP Project Reviews
April 24, 10am-5:30pm: MUD Thesis Reviews
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Exhibition + events are free and open to the public.

B Arch:
Nickie Cheung
- Contesting Vacancy: Exploring the Multiplicity of Space in Wilkinsburg, PA
Sinan Goral - Mycelium as a Remediator of the Anthropocentric Condition: Rethinking the Brute Force Implications of Progressive-Assembly with Organic Self-Assembly
Nadia Islam - Transcending Bounds: Addressing issues of marginalization within and of the Muslim community through mosque design
KelliLaurel Mijares - Subverting Borders: Examining Barriers in Urban Space
Ivy Faye Monroe - Art Capital: Mapping Postwar New York City Art Culture
Cesar Neri - Mexico 44: Speculative Futures of the Chiapas Highlands
Trent Wimbiscus
- Life at the Crossroads: Emergent Landscapes and the Cultural Politics of Automobility
Kyle Wing - Oikonomikos / Polis: The new politics of living
Francis Yang - Existential Schema: Exploring the qualitative design method

Ernest Bellamy
- patch-works
Tamara Cartwright - Hotel to Home: Commoning the Princess Hotel
Yidan Gong - Commoning Gejiaying Village Amidst Metropolitan Wuhan
Paul Moscoso Riofrio - Public accessibility in contested spaces: Imaging a spatially and programmatically diverse approach to the waterfront in the Suburbio of Guayaquil, Ecuador
Chun(Pure) Zheng - Mobile Street Encroachment: Shared Living Space in Lilong, Shanghai
Lu Zhu - Incremental Community

Join the CMU Architecture Seniors to see the work of Thesis, the final year studio where architectural ideas are developed to operate critically within the discipline. The project installations illustrate challenging proposals that explore contemporary questions. During the exhibition, students will present their work for discussion and critique.     

"In this exhibition, the thesis students from the School of Architecture's Bachelor's of Architecture and Master's of Urban Design interrogate value - social, cultural, economic, ecologic - as it pertains to contemporary spatial practice. Capitalist value influences not only the profession’s ongoing fascination with sanitized understandings of building in the sociospatial landscape, but also its (in)ability to consider mediums that offer alternative readings on the cataclysmic trajectory of the path that it carves.

Clearance provides a space for this necessary discussion, emphasizing the importance of a transhistorical conception of space as both the producer and the product of culture. It seizes the latencies such a view offers in shaping a situated understanding of the contemporary built environment. Further, the exhibition offers a clearance of processes, ideas, and practices drawn from this education. It gives a public face to the candid adaptation of architectural skills as a form of critical practice, cultivating a space for their expanded use in the new present."

-School of Architecture class 2018