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What do we know?

Carnegie Mellon 2017 School of Architecture thesis exhibition
Organized by the School of Architecture
April 27 – 29, 2017

Thesis: CRITICAL MASS, Dyani Robarge | ARCHITECTURE BY THE LANDSCAPE, Scott Holmes | MAKING MINDFULNESS, Matt Porter | SOFT: An Investigation of Gender Expression in Architecture, Amy Rosen | PETROCHEMICAL LANDSCAPES, Sophie Riedel | PALIMPSEST FUTURE, Kirk Newton

Independant Projects: PP : PLASTIC PAVILION, Cy Kim + Bobby Esposito | AID.E+ Alexa Roberts | HOUSE-FREE, Ana Mernik | OSTRANENIE, Sam Day

April 28, 6-8pm: Reception RSVP on Facebook
April Fri. 28 + Sat. 29, 11am-6pm: Project Reviews
view schedule here

Exhibition + events are free and open to the public.

Join the CMU Architecture Seniors to see the work of Thesis, the final year studio where architectural ideas are developed to operate critically within the discipline. The project installations illustrate challenging proposals that explore contemporary questions. During the exhibition, students will present their work for discussion and critique.     

"After taking a year or the spring semester respectively, the thesis and independent project collaborators have dedicated themselves to the process of revealing latent potential in a diverse set of architectural focuses. Despite the varied scope of the thesis topics, they all reach far past the safe confines of conventional architecture. Some literally expand the scope of the profession, demanding that we as designers address issues that demand civic attention—how and why do we design for transient populations, for those living in a pollution zone, against hunger, or for the public realm? Others investigate the physicality of architecture, asserting that potential exists in found and recycled materials. Finally, there are projects that question the goals of the design process itself, railing against latent hierarchies and demanding a more mindful process.

Each of the installations asks a pointed, politically charged question, and provides some equally radical reactions. This exhibit is not a collection of work, but the manifesto of a new generation of architects graduating into the world. What do we know? Come in and find out."

-School of Architecture class 2017