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Patricia Maurides
Michelle Stitzlein
Julie Stunden

Patricia Maurides, Michelle Stitzlein and Julie Stunden

Nov. 8 - Dec. 21, 2007
Opening reception: Nov. 8, 5-8 pm


About the Artists

Patricia Maurides investigates origins: cultural and genealogical with a fascination for the biological. She uses photography and often translates images into electronic media and installation works. Her body is frequently employed as her subject, or as a screen or conduit for memory play. The natural environment, studio sets and props, often coupled with slide projection, figure as the backgrounds for her explorations rendering her work both theatrical and cinematic.

Michelle Stitzlein creates large-scale sculptures that stand out through their bold and graphically distinct imagery and larger-than-life impact. At second glance, the viewer begins to discover hundreds of discarded objects, cast aside by a society where ‘shiny and new’ merchandising rules. By transforming cast-offs into glorious moths, Stitzlein not only mirrors the magical process of metamorphosis, changing caterpillars into beautiful winged creatures, but also underscores the importance and joy of recycling materials.

Julie Stunden paints in pursuit of color poetics and luminosity. She works towards achieving a place in her paintings that is not necessarily realistic, but most definitely believable. Ideally, each new look results in a rediscovery of that captured space in paint, engaging the viewer to reconnect with new details and possible destinations. In essence, she transports the viewer on a fabricated journey, a painted travelogue of a painted Place.