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Past Exhibition


Mayday! Exhibition Poster


Carnegie Mellon 2008 BFA Senior Exhibition

May 2 - 18, 2008


May 2, Fri. 6-8pm:

About the Exhibition

"May Day is a cause for celebration. Spring has arrived with all the hope it carries for the future. May Day is a time of solidarity. Hard work, communal effort and mutual respect prevail. Mayday is a warning. Look out world, something mighty is about to hit you.

Friday 2nd May 2008 augurs well for the future. Thirty-four talented young artists have taken over the Miller Gallery to show the world what they can do. They will warm your cockles, turn your head, tickle your fancy and blow your mind.

Children were feeding balloons into a hole in the side of a huge paper volcano. A guy in a parrot suit was playing the banjo whilst the man in the silver lurex hot pants beside him moaned into a microphone. Two women sat on a sofa, steadily stuffing their faces with an endless supply of junk food. A waterfall of we paint was running down the wall. From a tiny tent, a crouching elf was dispensing free food in ceramic scallop shells. Yes. I thought to myself, this is why I came to art school.

No matter what you teach them, there comes a point when they have to go out on their own. At Carnegie Mellon they don't wait until graduation. The scenes I have just described were parts of an extracurricular performance event called RELEASE, organized by BFA students at SPACE gallery in downtown Pittsburgh 2008.

This initiative was not a one off. This student cohort has organized exhibitions, installations and events at the Frame Galley at Carnegie Mellon and shown their work in various venues in Pittsburgh. They have taken part in public projects and shown videos on the Jumbotron screen at PNC Park. The Miller Gallery show features painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, video, animation, computer art, conceptual art, installation art - and more. Such is the breadth and depth of the BFA Fine Art program at Carnegie Mellon and the extraordinary level of talent, ambition and imagination of this gallantthirty four. Friday 2nd May 2008 is truly a cause for chaotic celebration."

- John Carson
Head of the School of Art + Regina and Marlin Miller Professor, Carnegie Mellon University


Audrey Szeto
Hye Sung An
Jose Baez
Emily Bellingham
Emily Berezin
Benjamin Bigelow
Daniel Buchanan
Yvonne Chan
Theresa Chen
Monica Cho
Amy Conroy
Charles Cox
Emilia Edwards
Caroline England
Giana Gambino
Claire Hoch
Rebecca Jang

Amy Johnson
Nicoletta Karvelas
Gene Kim
Elin Lennox
Spencer Longo
Michael Mallis
Alison Margolskee
Jon May
Michael McParlane
Laura Miller
Michael Pisano
Amy Pischke
Danielle Saudino
Andrew Shedd
Connor Sites-Bowen
Victoria Spindel
Julia Stein