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Miller Gallery
at Carnegie Mellon University

Purnell Center for the Arts
5000 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Gallery Hours
Tuesday - Sunday, 12-6pm
Closed Mondays, major holidays, and during exhibition installations (check our calendar to confirm)

Free + open to the public



Carnegie Mellon University Connections

The Miller Gallery supports Carnegie Mellon University's mission of "creating and disseminating knowledge and art" by fostering experimentation that expands the notions of art and culture and by providing a forum for engaged conversations about creativity and innovation. The gallery produces internationally touring exhibitions, projects, events and publications with a focus on social issues.

The Miller Gallery frequently collaborates on public programming with local and national organizations as well as schools, departments and groups across Carnegie Mellon. The gallery’s international, interdisciplinary exhibitions and publications have included work by university faculty, staff and alumni. The gallery also hosts the annual Carnegie Mellon MFA and Senior Art (BFA and BXA) exhibitions, co-organized with the School of Art, which provide graduating students with valuable experience participating in a professional gallery exhibition, while giving the community an opportunity to see work by some of the most exciting and promising new artists emerging from CMU.

Ways to Connect

  • Bring your classes to an exhibition.
    Admission is free. Check our online calendar for exhibition dates and gallery hours.
  • Schedule a group tour.
    We offer free tours pending staff availability. Email your preferred dates and times from our regular gallery hours and the name of the class/group to
  • Create class assignments based on the exhibition and works.
    We often provide educational materials with our exhibitions, such as curricula, videos, public programming, publications and more. Check the "Resources" section in the left column of each exhibition web page.
  • Check our Opportunities page for openings, calls, and more.
  • Join our mailing list or follow us on social media for the latest news.
  • Frequently Asked Questions page


Light grey indicates a CMU connection.

Abandon Normal Devices Festival of New Cinema and Digital Culture, UK
AIGA Pittsburgh
The Andy Warhol Museum + the Warhol Education Department
Artists Image Resource
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Carnegie Museum of Art
Carnegie Museum of Art Heinz Architectural Center
Center for Atmospheric Particle Studies

CMU Campus Sustainability and Food Day Celebration
CMU College of Fine Arts
CMU Department of History
CMU Distinguished Lecture Series in Environmental Science, Technology, and Policy
CMU Faces International Film Festival
CMU Graduate Student Association
CMU Human-Computer Interaction Institute

CMU Remaking Cities Institute
CMU School of Architecture
CMU School of Architecture Spring Lecture Series
CMU School of Art
CMU School of Drama
CMU Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research
CMU University Book Store
CMU University Health Services
CMU University Lecture Series + the Vice Provost for Education
Columbia College and Glass Curtain Gallery, Chicago, IL
Creative Time, New York, NY
DiverseWorks Artspace, Houston, TX
Exit Art, New York, NY
FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Liverpool, England
Feldman Gallery at Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR
Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry

Full Pint Brewing
Independent Curators International
Iron City Brewing Company
The Heinz Endowments
Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum, University of Louisiana, Lafayette, LA
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center (SJDC), Parsons The New School for Design, New York, NY
Kyoto University of Art & Design
Liverpool John Moores University, England
Nagoya Zokey University of Art & Design
PICA (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art) Time Based Art Festival 2008, Portland, OR
Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Troy, NY
Richmond Center for Visual Arts, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI
Sappho Dance Party, Pittsburgh, PA
Society for Photographic Education: Mid-Atlantic Conference
Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA
Tokyo Zokei University, Japan
UCLA BioOutlaws Conference, Los Angeles, CA
Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA
The Waffle Shop
Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club
Wild Purveyors
Williamson Gallery, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA
WWHAT’S UP (Whites Working and Hoping to Abolish Total Supremacy Undermining Privilege)

Miller Gallery exhibition, public programming, store, and publication participants

Light grey indicates CMU faculty, student, alum, staff, and/or fellow.

16 Beaver Group, 3 Rivers 2nd Nature, Danielle Abrams, Jen Abrams, Joel David Abramson, Heather Ackr, Fred Adams, Jamie Adams, Lauren Frances Adams, Robert Adams, Paul Aferiat, Zahra Ahmed, Aileen D'Esposito, Ryan Aipperspach, Haluk Akakçe, Omer Akin, Francis Alÿs, Alexandra Alessi, Cressman Alexander Dennis, Laylah Ali, Siemon Allen, Mark Allen (Machine Project), Skip Allen, Navjot Altaf, Kitty Alward, Hye Sung An, Nancy Anderson, Klein Andrew, Jason Angst (Tattoo Noir), Suzanne Anker, Virginia Steele Ankney, Mauren Antkowski, Janine Antoni, Nikolai Antonie, Lem Apperson, Adria Arch, Area 51 Tattoo, AREA Chicago, Juan Carlos Aristizabal, Crystala Armagost, Stephanie Armbruster, Jonathan Armistead, Marlene Aron, Patricia Arrott, The Art Guys, Yuko Asai, Kohta Asakura, Dennis Ashbaugh, Harwood Ashley Grace, Adam Atkinson and Christopher Smalley, Josh Atlas, Allison Auchauer, Ann Averback, Jose Baez, Timothy Bahash, Lilith Bailey-Kroll, Elizabeth Bain, Ashley Baker, Steve Baker + Edwina Ashton, Diane Baldessari, Rachel Baldwin, Martha Chaney Ball, Brandon Ballengee, Charles Ballew, Boris Bally, Julia Bamford, Laurel Bancroft  Howard (Ward) Bank, John Bankston, Judith Bannahan, Genevieve Barbee, Catherine Barinas, Madeleine Barnes, Jennifer Baron, Daniel Barrett, Elizabeth Barsotti, Matt Barton, Basekamp, Mark Baskinger, Jo Anne L. Bates, Brenda Battad, Mark Baugh-Sasaki, Mark Tadao Baugh-Sasaki,  Glen Baxter, Christina Baxter, Dan Baxter, BCL, Pati Beachley, Kevin Beaulieu, Chris Beauregard, Jennifer Bechak, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Martin Beck, Andrew Beckles, Jon Beckley, Kenneth Beer, Patricia Bellan-Gillen, Emily Bellingham, Ron Bennett, Emily Berezin, Caroline Berger, Berkeley Institute of Design and Intel Labs, C. C. Bethea, Michael Bevilacqua, Sean Bidic, Julianne Biehl, Benjamin Bigelow, Alexandre Binder, Bob Bingham, Dan Bires (Misery Dan), Dara Birnbaum, Janine L. Biunno, Charlotte Black, Dominique Blain, Patrick Blanc, Chris Blick (American Tattoo), Amanda Bloomfield, Tracey Blough (Gunslingers Tattoos), Mel Bochner and Michael Van Valkenburgh, Marc Bohlen, Alison Bojarski, Agnes Bolt, Kevin Boon, Juliette Borda, Mahsa Borhani, Christine Borland, Kathryn Borland, Jonathan Borofsky, Saskia Bos, Timothy Botts, Jennifer Boughner, Michel Boulanger, Robert Bowden, Robert L. Bowden, Amanda Bowers, Christopher Boyce, Blake Boyd, Terry Boyd, Kathy Boykowycz, Caitlin Boyle, Keilah Boyles, Darlene Brady, Dorothea Braemer, Carolyn Brahney, Amanda Brainerd, Sebastian Brajkovic, Casey Li Brander, Ashley Bravin, Erin Breen, Boris Brenman, Joanna Bresee, Harvey Breverman, Tina Brewer, William Brewer, Kimberly Brickley, Ashley Brickman, Dee Briggs, Christine Brill & Jon Kline, Olga Brindar, Valerie A. Brodar, Jackie Brookner, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Brian Brown, Lisa Brown, Jonah Brucker-Cohen , Kayt Brumder, Lugene Bruno, Marilyn Bruya, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Sandi Bryant, Jessica Buben, Anne Buchal, Daniel Buchanan, Edgar Bucholtz, Marie Bukowski, Luke Bulman (Thumb Projects), Bob Burdette, James Burford, Lowry Burgess, Kathleen Kase Burk, Kimberly Burleigh, Robert Burley, Mark Burnell, Susanna Burner, Linda Frye Burnham, Peter Burr, David S. Burson, Nancy Burson, Vanessa Butler, Michelle Buys, Anne Ellis Buzby, Andy Byers, Elizabeth Byers, David Byrne, Young Hee Byun, Orlando R. Cabanban, Julia Cahill, Patricia Calderone, M. Callen, Nerea Calvillo, Edward Canaan, Connie Cantor, Francis Cape & Liza Phillips, Benjamin Caputo, Michael Caputo, Tammy Rae Carland, Susan Carolanza, Choe Caroline Yujine, Elyse Carr, Daryl K. Carrington, Donald Carter, Matthew Carter, Nick Caruso, Cheryl Casteen, Jerri Castillo, E. Myers Castonguay, Oron Catts, Carolina Caycedo, The Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI), Center for PostNatural History, The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), Yerina Cha, Mari Chadani, Helen Chadwick, Enrique Chagoya, Catherine Chalmers, Helena Chan, James Chan, Yvonne Chan, Christin Chang, Erica Chanin, Lee Chapman, Rachel Chappuis, Fatma Charfi, Michael Ray Charles, Ian Charlesworth, Arthur Chartow, Jesha Chen, Theresa Chen, Daniel Chenut, Chen Chieh-Jen, Mel Chin, Chung Cho, Monica Cho, Audrey Chodorov, Eunice Choi, Jee Choi, Sung Rok Choi, Yoonmo Choi, Julia Christensen, Mercando Christina, Malino Christine, Ross Christy, Chto delat/ What is to be done?, Jane Chu, Stacey Chu, Yoon Chung, Yuri Chung, Jennifer Mi Rae Chung, Guillermo Cifuentes, Jacob Ciocci (Paper Rad), Scott Berzofsky and John Duda City From Below Organizers, Parry Clare, Anne Clark and Erin Pischke, Kevin Clarke, Carolyn Clayton, Peter Coffin, Lynne Cohen, Jon Cohrs, Patricia Cole, Janice Colker, Lauren Collings , Phil Collins, Timothy Collins, Bruce Colwell, Dan Rugh at Commonwealth Press, Chloe Connelly, Krista Connerly, Eileen Connor, Christina Conrad, Christine Emiko Conrad, Laura Ann Conrad, Amy Conroy, Amy Conroy, Douglas Cooper, Russ Corbett (True Image Tattoo), Ariel Coronis, Justine Cosley , Holland Cotter, Keith Cottingham, Joseph Coughlin, Kevin Cousino, Leonardo Covarrubias, Charles Cox, Margaret Cox, Peggy Lynn Cox, Carol J. Crandall, William Cravis, Phoebe Crisman, Bryan Crockett, Gail Crosby, Sarah Crosskey, Nancy Crow, Aziz Cucher, Gabriel Cuellar, Minerva Cuevas, Janet Culbertson, Mary Culbertson-Stark, Kim Curinga, John Currin, Jack Damer, Barrett Daniel Michael, Maura Danko, Roger Dannenberg, Dame Darcy, Johna Dasteel, Bharat Dave, Hurwich David, Anderson & Daniel Davidson, Nancy Davidson, Adam Davies, Christine Davis, S. Emily de Araujo, Albert de Santis, Alfredo de Vido, Elizabeth Deasy, Regine Debatty, Decosterd & Rahm Associes, Holly DeCovny, Georganne Deen, Rob Delmasse, Rachel Delphia, Denny DeLuca, Krystle Demauro, Agnes Denes, Jan Descartes, Ron Desmett, Chip Desmone, Michel Desvigne, Spencer Diaz, Paul Dickinson, Dilomprizulike, Jennifer L. Dinovitz, Mark Dion, Mark Dixon, Claire Doherty, Melissa Dolin, Laura Domencic, Steffi Domike, Godfried Donkor, Marco Donnarumma, Patrick Donnelly, Christa Donner, Ron Donoughe, Rachel Dorrett, Courtney Dow, Lester Coleman Dowdey, Henry Dreyfuss Associates, Adam Drotbotij, James Duesing, James Duesing + Jessica Hodgins, Daniel Mark Duffy, Jim Dugas, dumba collective, Missy Dunaway, Anthony Dunne, Dunne & Rabby, Magali Duzant, Adrienne Dybes, Marcel Dzama, e-Xplo, Robert Michael Earl, Eating in Public, Nkechi Ebubedike, Mollie Echeverria, Lauren Edelstein, Emilia Edwards, Wendy Edwards, Ralph Eggleston, Rebecca Einhorn, Nicole Eisenman, Levin Elizabeth, Eric Elman, Anthony Elms, Sterling Ely, Jeanne Emery, EMP Museum, Edgar Endress, Caroline England, Jesse England, Sibel Ergener, Bruce Erikson, Elaine Erne, Cara Erskine, Gilberto Esparza, Inka Essenhigh, Takehito Etani, etoy, Claire Evans, Mary Evans, John and Shawna Evans, EventScope/Big Signal, Naomi Falk, Naomi J. Falk, Petra Fallaux, Neil Farber, Sheri Farbstein, Sheri Farbstein, Lucas Farley, FAT, FEAST, Rebecca Feeney, Sara Feldman, Jacob Ferge, Ken Ferguson, Thomas Feulmer, Josephy Daniel Fiedler, Ian Finch, Chris Finley, Marc Fischer (Temporary Services), Wilson Fiona Karl Fisher, Rob Fisher, Amanda Fisk, Taryn Fitzgerald, Mark Flanagan, Harrell Fletcher, Stephanie Flom, Stephanie Flom, Wendy Fok, Patrick Fontana, Dorothy Forman, J. Christopher Forman, L'ox Formidable, Karen Forney, R. W. Forquer, Clyde Forth, John Fox, Nicholas Fox-Gieg, Amy Franceschini, Edouard Francois, Kevin Frank, Laura Franz, Andrea Fraser, Adam Frelin, Sally French, Edward Karl Fresa, Paul Frets, Michelle Fried, Doug Fritz, Front Studio Architects, Marta Fuentealba, Kiyotaka Fujita, Shiho Fukuhara, Leon Fuller, Eva Funderburgh, Meschac Gaba, Amisha Gadani  Marcelo Gaete, Brian S. Gager, Colette Gaiter, Regina Jose Galindo, Molly Gallery, J.B. Galloway, Harry Gallup, Kyle Gallup, Giana Gambino, Daniel Garber, David Garcia Studio, Pablo Garcia, Frank Garvey, Dr. Rachael Gates, Cory Gavin, Gridthiya Gaweewong, Evan Gealy, Kendell Geers, Sally Gehl, Lesley Gena, George Gessert, Maki Gherzi, Fran Gialamas, Deborah Gibbon, Bud Gibbons, Dan Gigler, Harry Giglio, Charlotte Gilmore, Raymond Gindroz, Silvia Gioberti, Lauren Lee Givens, Paul Glabicki, Shaun Gladwell, Sean Glover, Zoe Goehring Natalia Gomez, Laura Gonzalez, Jennifer Gooch, Joan Iversen Goswell, Reiko Goto, Sarika Goulatia, Allison Gozion, Taylor Grabowski, Meg Graham, Deborah Grant, Brian Grant, Ramsay Gail Gray, Elliott Green, Denise Green, Denise Suska Green, Joshua Green, Jessica Greenfield, June Greenspan, Dara Greenwald, Simon Grennan and Christopher Sperandio, Johannes Grenzfuthner, Kojo Griffin, Ryan Griffis, Carol Griffith, Katie Grinnan, Susan Gronich, Adam Grossi, Andrea Grover, Sukriti Grover, Aaronel Deroy Gruber, Jamie Gruzska, (Eve) Shan Guangyuan, James Guentner, Guerrilla Art Action Group, Hoang Yen Ha, Richard Haag Associates, Margaret Haas, Sarah Habib, Rumi Habino, Margaret Hagan, Kenzo Hakuta, Kenzo Hakuta, Lane Hall + Lisa Moline, Katherine Hallberg, Ilana Halperin, David W. Halsell, Katrina A. Halter, Jin Ham, Andrea Hamilton, Carolyn Hamilton, Sophie Handler, Heiko Hansen, Cesar Harada, Seamus Harahan, Christine Hardtman, Anna-Claire Harkness, Riley Harmon, Hilary Harp and Suzie Silver, Chris Harrison, Helen Mayer & Newton Harrison, Rachel Harrison, Mollie Hartford-Chamberland, Melissa Hartle, Dan Harvey, Tamayo Hashimoto, Mary Hatch, Sarah Hatton , Jens Hauser, Todd Haynes, Joseph Hays, E. B. Hazzard, Lauren Hecht, Noel Hefele, George Heidinger, Marvin Heiferman, Daniel Heimbinder, Joel Heines, Adrienne Heinrich, Tara Helfer, Lauren Heller, Gottfried Helnwein, Stephen Hendee, Samia Henni, Lolita Hernandez, Sofia Hernandez Chong Cuy, Alexandra Herra , Arturo Herrera, Herman Hertzberger, Robin Hewlett, Kenneth Hiebert, Kathy High, Sam Highberger, Kristina Hilands, Daniel Hill, P. J. Hipple, Kaoru Hirabayashi, Claire Hoch, Sarah Hofmann, Michael Hogg, Mark Hohman, Lara Hoke, Steven Holl Architects, Harry Holland, Brian Holmes, Soo Jin Hong, Peregrine Honig, Mary Hood, Walter Hood & Alma Dusolier, Ben Hooker, Nate Hooper, Harriet Horn, Lori Hornell, Deborah Hosking, Loretta Howard, Pamela Howard, Rebecca Howland, Hu Hsing-Pei, Justin Hsu, Vivian Huang, Robert D. Huckestein, Jennifer Hughes, Jesse Hulcher, Ryan Humphrey, Christina Hung, Christina Hung, Brenda Hutchinson, Lisa Huyett, Jennifer Hwang, Si Yeun Hwang, Takahiko Iimura, Mami Ikai, Ichi Ikeda, Tal Ilany, Michelle Illuminato, Michelle Illuminato, ILSSA Co-Operators, Keiko Inagaki, InCUBATE, Joseph Indovina, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), Ian Ingram, Jen Inman, Kenji Inoue, International Space University, Junya Ishigami, Shoji Ishiguro, Vicky Isley, Toyotsugu Ito, Brenna Ivanhoe, Jason Jägel, Jessica Jackson, Martha Jackson, Shellie Jacobson, Jasdeep Jaitla, Jakob Jakobsen, Geoffrey James, Rebecca Jang, Molyneaux Jason, Clairesse Jauregui, Harold Jefferies, Delanie Jenkins, Pamela Jennings, Gabrielle Jesiolowski, Xiaoyuan Jiang, Cisco Jimenez, Ricou Joana, Chris Johanson, Kim John, Amy Johnson, Andrew Johnson, E. Johnson, Merritt Johnson, Sandra Johnston, David Bush Jonathan, Cassandra C. Jones, Ronald Jones, Simone Jones, Gunnhildur Jonsdottir, Pamela Joseph, Johnson Joshua, Marc Herbst and Christina Ulke (Journal of Aesthetics & Protest Editorial Collective), Geraldine Juarez, Jim Julien, Miranda July, Justseeds, Jiyoo Jye, Eduardo Kac, Katherine Kadish, Brad Kahlhamer, Karen Kaighin, Konstantin Kakanias, Catherine D'lgnazio kanarinka, Joo Young Kang, Lisa Kaplan, Christopher Kardambikis, Gloria Stoll Karn, Michael Karns, Robert Karstadt, Githa Kartako Ong, Nicoletta Karvelas, Raymond Kaskey, Deborah Kass, Matsuo Kato, Shoji Kato, Jeffrey Katrencik, Cima Katz, Jeffrey Katz, Max Kaufmann, Naho Kawabata, Chihiro Kawano, Markus Kayser, Thomas Keenan, Jennifer Keinard, Matsuda Keishuku, Laverne Kemp, James Kendall, Chris Kennedy, Julia Kennedy, Jennifer Kennedy, Matt Kenyon (SWAMP), David Kenzo Hakuta, David Kerr, Tim Kerr, Kevin Kerr (Flesh Tattoo), Vivian Kerstein, Seth Kessler, Dean Kessman, Marilee Keys, Kickstarter, Richard Kiggins, Gene Kim, Hee Ree Kim, Ho-Jung Kim, Kates Kim, Kyu Lee "Viviane" Kim, Meen Jung Kim, Nahyun Kim, Samuel Kim, Sarah Kim, Seung Yeon Kim, Stefanie Kim, Nahyun Kim, Tran T. Kim-Trang, Alan Kimmel, Barbara Hosack Kindler, Doug Kinsey, Ben Kinsley, Saki Kiritsuki, Carole Kismaric, Felix Kistler, Rieko Kitamura, Nance Klehm, Andrew Klein, Marina Kliger, Lauren Klixbull, Larry Klukaszewski, Kathleen Knauer, Philip Knoll, James Knopf, Aaron Koblin, William Earl III Kofmehl, Sandra Kogut, Samuel N. Kolmen, Dorian Kolundzija, Michael Kontopoulos, Jackie (Seung-Yeon) Kook, Joan Kopchik, Balthazar Korab, Gwendolyn J. Korvick, Nancy Kountz, Kathe Kowalski, Alicia Kozikowski, Joyce Kozloff, Spencer Kraus, Joel Kraut, David Kremers, Janet Krieger, Lazar Kristina, Cynthia Kruglak, Allison Kudla, Michael Kuetemeyer, Matt Kugler (Body Shop Tattoo & Apparel), Kathrine Kuharic, Kirill Kuletski, Heidi Kumao, Carol Kumata, Elizabeth Kupin, Laura Kurgan, Misato Kuroda, Surasi Kusolwong, Kevin Kutz, Katie Kuzko, Greg Kwiatek, Jane Lackey, Samantha Laffey, Carolyn Lambert, Nicolas Lampert, George Lampman (Believe Merch), LAND (Landscape architecture nature development), Sean Landers, Moshekwa Langa, Daniel Lanzilotta, Lyne Lapointe, Neil Lareau, Jill Larson, David Lasky, Christine Lau, R&Sie(n): Stephanie Lavaux, Julian LaVerdiere, Dylan Lawrence, Shawn Lawson, Bryna Lazarus, Dinh Q. Le, Randy Leach, Learning Site, Alicia Ledden, Bum Lee, Carl Lee, Emily Lee, Francisca Lee, Helen Lindsay Lee, Hye Jin Lee, Jason Lee, Joo Hyun Lee, Nathan Lee, Su Youn Lee, Susan Lee, Jae Lee, Janet Lee, Jung Min Lee, Michelle Lee, Bernice Lehman, Elin Lennox, Nicole Lenzi, Mike Leonard, Cesare Leonardi, Robert Lepper, Lars Lerup, Klasterka Leslie, Vega Leslie, Faythe Levine, Aaron Levy, Amos Levy, Lorraine Levy, Leslie Lew, Amy Lewandowski, Janet Lewis, Carl Li, William Charles Libby, Gregory Liberi, Jeff Lieberman, Glenn Ligon, Seung-Youn "Sara" Lim, Susan Lin, Liao Linda, Dorothy Taylor Lindner, Cortese Lindsey Catherine, Lisa Link, John Little, Elizabeth Liu, Dana Lok, Amanda Long, Spencer Longo, Louden, Kenneth Love, Dave and Nicole Loy, Carolina Loyola-Garcia, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Lynn Lu, Stacey Lu, Mark Lubbert (ArtFX), Daniel Luchman, Tiffany Ludwig, Chelsea Lupkin, Beauvais Lyons, Louise Ma, Machine Project, Shelley Mack, Myfanwy MacLeod, Josh MacPhee, Wendell MacRae, George Magalios, John Maggio, Moshe Mahler, Joann Maier, Silvia Malagrino, Stacy Malasky, Julie Mallis, Michael Mallis, Howard Malt, Margot Mandel, Maria Mangiano, Per Maning, Lara Mann, Joseph Mannino, Samina Mansuri, Rachel Maran, Theresa Marchetta, Alison Margolskee, Kimberly Markel, Melissa Marks, Kerry James Marshall, Nathan Martin, Chus Martinez, Rufus Martinez, Naeem Martinez-White, Jonathan Martofel, Mario Marzan, Pauline Masley, Michael Mateas, Penny Mateer, Jimmy Mathew, Anni Matsick, Gordon Matta-Clark, Jimmy Matthew, Ben Matthews, Antkowski Mauren Amelia, Patricia Maurides, Mad Max (Sinners and Saints), Eileen Maxson, Jon May, Paula R. Maynes, Julia Mazzeo, Leslie McAhren, Brian McCall, Sean McCarthy (Jesters Court), Beth McCartney, James McClelland, Brad McCombs, Claire McConaughy, Thomas Mcconnell, Barry McGee, Frank McGlynn, Mary McIntyre, Cheryl McLaughlin, Niall McLaughlin Architects, Sarah McNeer, Dale McNutt, Michael McParlane, Jessica McPherson, Patrick Meagher, Luke Meeken, Laleh Mehran, Daniel Melaney, Julia Meltzer and David Thorne, Shari Mendelson, Pati Menick, Steven Mentzer, Clayton Merrell, Lindsay Merrill, Tom & Constance Merriman, Suzanne Meyer, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Linn Meyers, Andrea Meythaler, Kellie Michael, Watfa Midani, Arthur Middleton, Karl S. Mihail, David Miller, Larry Miller, Laura Miller, Nicole Miller, Steve Miller, Matt Miller (American Tattoo), Jennifer Mills, Meghan Mills, Andrew G. Milmoe, Joan C. Milsom, Brett Milspaw, Jonathan Minard, Carin Mincemoyer, Dylan A.T. Miner, Sherri Minnocci, Chris Miranda (Body Shop Tattoo and Apparel), Jay Miriam, MIT AgeLab, Allyson Mitchell, Peter Mitchell-Dayton, Miyuki Mitsui, Fumiko Miwa, Michiaki Miyata, Keita Mizutani, Jack Leon Moffett, Lize Mogel, Priscilla Monge, Reno-Gaffey Monique, Hiroshi Monita, Elizabeth Monoian, Ayanah Moor, Christopher Moore, Frank Moore, Elizabeth Catlett Mora, Katherine T. Morgan, Morphosis Architects, Burton Morris, Elaine Wallace Morris, Steve Morris (Bodyworks Tattoo Shop), Julia Morrisroe, Philip Morsberger, Andrew Moss, Jessica Moss, Shana Moulton, Maureen Movshina, Shera Moxley, Audrey Moyer, Catherine Mulbrandon, Kathleen Mulcahy and Ron Desmett, Nate Mullen, Dave Muller, Multiplicity, Yuki Murabayashi, Takashi Murakami, Akihiko Murakoshi, Kumiko Muroi, Darren Murray, Jennifer Murray, Ryan Murray, MVRDV, Ingrid Mwangi, James C. Myford, Louis Irene Nadel, Carlos Nader, George Nakashima, Dan Namingha, Teppei Nanbara, Yoshimoto Nara Ivan Nasution, Haydee Naula, Aubrey Navaro, Jean Navarro, Anna Navasardian, Laura Nelson, Shirin Neshat, Ren Netherland, Ursula Neubauer, Mark Newport, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Gabriel Nguyen, Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba, Diana Nicholas, Walter Niedermayr, Lilli J. T. Nieland, Nine Mile Run Greenway Project, Michael Nixon, Tak Noguchi, Fachlinken Nordfriesland, Thomas J. Norulak, Pales Nuelsi, Aisling O'Beirn, Donald Odita Odili, Aiko Okamatsu, Herbert T. Olds, Julian Oliver, Olly & Suzi, Samantha Olschan , Andrea Olsheskie-Gray, OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), OmniCircus, Geraldine Ondrizek, David Opdyke, Open_Sailing, Openframeworks, William F. Opferman, Abe Orden, Fernando Orellana, Daniel Orlandi, Matteo Nunzio Orsini, Alissa Osial, Ayat Osman, Nadin Ospina, Otabenga Jones & Associates, Mark Ours, Owusu-Ankomah, Trevor Paglen, Jill Palermo, A. Laurie Palmer, Maia Palmer, Laura Paoletti, Heejin Park, Jeanne E. Park, Joseph Park, Ju Young Park, Sharon Park, Su Min Park, Susan Park, Tessa Park, Park Fiction, Mark Parrish, Halloran Parry, Ester Partegas, Luther Patenge, Charles Patterson, Suzannah Paul, Masley Pauline, Drew Pavelchak, Todd Pavlisko, Elvira Peake, Philip Pearlstein, Rich Pell (Institute for Applied Autonomy, Center for PostNatural History), John Pena, Claire Pentacost, Megan Pentz, Diana Pepe, Robert Perdziola, Terri Perpich, Mark Perrott, Joyce Werwie Perry, Michael Pestel, Douglas Peters, Oscar Peters, Jessie Peterson, Gloria Peterson-Plemmons, Michael Petrus, William Pfahl, Svigals Phillip, Renee Piechocki, Richard Pinkman, Keith Piper, Michael Pisano, Amy Pischke, Erin Pischke, Plastica, PLATFORM, Charla Platt-Doble, Giovanni Poggi, Sascha Pohflepp, Marc Poirier, Mike Polk, Anat Pollack, Marpillero Pollak Architects, John Pollock, Rachel Popowcer, Paul Massimo Popple, Todd Porter (Sinners and Saints), Martin Prekop, Emily Prengaman, Cedric Price, Bas Princen, Christopher Anselmo Priore, Max Pritchard, J. Morgan Puett, Richard Purdy, Juliet Pusateri, Florence Pyle, Laurence Qamar, Yan Qin, Robert Qualters, Veronica Quense, Shawn Quinlan, Gonzalo Rabanal, Emily Raffensperger, Melissa Ragona, Philippe Rahm, Carolina Ramos, Marvin Rand, Honor Randall, Raqs Media Collective, Megan Ratliff, Casey Reas, Kodeck Rebecca Ann, Ray Recht, Austin Redwood, Rebecca Reed, Ally Reeves, Michele Reinhart, Oliver Ressler, James Rettinger, Alyssa Reuter, Christopher Reynolds, Laurie Jo Reynolds, Mark Anthony Ricard, Damon Rich, Peter Richards, Isabelle Richardson, Juanita Richardson, Ruth Richardson, Joana Ricou, Alexis Rideau, Geroge Rieke, Siobhan Rigg, Blithe Riley, John M. Ritzu, David Robbins, James Robert Southard, Alexis Roberto, L.J. Roberts, Walter Robinson, Robocut Studio, Francois Roche, Alexis Rockman, Heather Rockwell, Cory Rockwood, Miguel Rodriguez, Katherine Roettges, Forest Rogers, Rob Rogers, Jason Rohrer, George Roland, Joseph F. Romano, Rebecca Rose, Anya Rosen, Ann Rosenthal, Benjamin Rosenthal, Randal Rosenthal, Phil Ross, Sarah Ross, David Roth, Samantha Roth, Evan Roth (Graffiti Research Lab), Elliot Paul Rotham, Ellen Rothenberg, Paul Rouphail, Adam Rousseau, Michal Rovner, Patrick D. Rowe, ROY, Michael Royce, Teresa Fusco Rozewski, Alexandra Rubenstein, Bradley Rubenstein, Jon Rubin, Elizabeth Rudnick, Dan Rugh, Zena Ruiz, Nicholas Rule, Christy Rupp, Lucy Russo, Kathryn Russo, Rodger Ruzanka Jr., Semi Ryu, Alison Safford, Tome Saidon, Bernadine Saint-Auguste, Daiji Saito, James Sakai, Akiko Sakaizumi, Meryl Greene Salmon, SANAA architects, Carlos Sanchez, Morgan Sanders, Rosina Santana, Tomas Saraceno, Saraceno studio, Nina Sarnelle, Abigail Satinsky, Danielle Saudino, Emil A. Sauer, Raymond Saunders, Roger Sayre, Annalisa Schaefer, John Schaffner, Laura Scheerer, Adriane Scheider, Robin Scheines, Alex Schimel, Maya Schindler, William Schlough, Kelly Schmal, Gaby Schmulevich, David Schnabel, Gary Schneider, A. M. Schnur, Sara Schoenberger, Olive Schroder, Christian Schumann, Susan Schwalb, Andrew Scott, Jessica Scott, Joyce Bowie Scott, Patricia Scull, Zineb Sedira, Patricia Segnan, Chris Seifert, Melania Semerad-Radulescu, Rana Sen, Willy Sengewald, Stephanie Serpick, Brian J. Sesack, George Sfirri, Mark Fahey Shafer, Laurie Shapiro, James Shearer, Andrew Shedd, Jack Sheffler, Hsi Shen, Rudy Shepherd, Elpseth Sherman, Anula Shetty, Barry Shields, Taylor Shields, Makoto Shinagawa, Jeannine Shinoda, Jeannine Shinoda, Miki Shintani, Marjorie F. Shipe, Riku Shitara, Gregory Sholette, Vanessa Shyu, Shozo Sibata, Amy Sillman, Bisi Silva, Gian Carlos Silva de Jesus, Rosa Silver, Suzie Silver, Lauren Silverman, Samantha Simmons, Elize Simon, Ariane Simon, Angela Singer, Brooke Singer, Connor Sites-Bowen, Dameta Skinner, Heidi Skok, Nellie Lou Slagle, Sterne Slaven, Susanne Slavick, Phyllis Sloane, Laurie Sloat, Stephen Smith, Thomas Smith, Zak Smith, Alison and Peter Smithson, Christina Snaman, Paul Snelson, Anna Marie Sninsky, Emily So, SOA architects, Chan Hee Soh, Kei Sohma, Tsvika Solan, Lizzee Solomon, Lucia Sommer, Vivian Song, Youshin Song, Jeffrey Augustine Songco, Joan Brechin Sonnenberg, Al Souza, Ali Spagnola, Carolyn Speranza, Shawn Spinda, Victoria Spindel, Spurse, Squirrelly's Skin Art, Kristen Staab, Heather Stanco, Sarah Stanek, Ruth Stanford, Peter Stanick, Brittany Stanley, David Steidl, Julia Stein, Julia Caroline Kampme Stein, Laura Stein, Ellen Steinfeld, Steinman, Susan & Suzanne Lacy, Bruce Sterling, Susannah Stern, Shorts Steven Anderson, Joe Stewart, Rachel Renee Stewart, Nathan Stimmel, Michelle Stitzlein, Ann Stone, Renee Stout, Deborah Stratman, Jenny Strayer, Carole L. 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