About Us

Nakashima Revealed began in February 2006 as a research project and an educational endeavor. The design of the exhibition, catalog, and website were the subject matter of
an exhibition design course in the Carnegie Mellon School
of Design during the spring of 2007.

Curator: Rachel Delphia
Course Instructors: Laura Vinchesi, Rachel Delphia
Student Designers:
    (Exhibition) Cameron Dubois, Henry Julier, Mary Katica,
    Sasha Prood, Melissa Tashiro, Winni Tse
    (Catalog) Hyun Jung Kim, Alicia Pompei, Rachel Stadelmeier
    (Media) Natisha Kang, Yong Woo Rhee, Margaret Szeto
Photographer: Dylan Vitone
Gallery Staff:
    (Interim Director) Petra Fallaux
    (Exhibitions Coordinator) Cara Erskine
    (Graphics/Office Coordinator) Margaret Cox

Special thanks to:
    Regina Gouger Miller
    Carnegie Mellon University Advancement
    Carnegie Mellon School of Design